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GAIA PORTAL: Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished

Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished
by √ČirePort

Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished.

Handles are removed.

Flares of assistance are launched.

Cosmics come to the rescue for the I AM willing.

Spectaculars from Volcanics surface.

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A Open reply to David Wilcock's Coast to Coast AM interview on Antarctica

By American Kabuki

Thank you to Denice for the transcription.

Partial Transcript of David Wilcock and Jimmy Church

“There’s a whole world of 35 levels above the president: Cosmic Clearance. Cosmic Top secret. The president is not given information because if there was a truth and reconciliation commission, the president would “sing””

This section is highlights.


DW: The context is this: we have been dealing for 100 years with a hijacked financial system in which the European elites were handed over our financial system. Value of dollar decreased by 97 percent over those last 100 years. The money is based on nothing. It is the global reserve currency. Very important part of the Antarctic discussion: it is not a world wide conspiracy. There are plenty of people in the world who are pissed off at the cabal.

Terran: There are many factions, the Bush/Clinton/Texas Camp (Operation Paperclip and SSP), The Rockefeller Fossil Fuel group, The Rothschild banking and Nuclear energy factions, the Chinese Dragon family (and Chinese SSP) from the Qing Dynasty.  ALL ARE INVOLVED IN BANKING AND THE MOTHER OF THEM ALL IS THE CHINESE DRAGONS.  

The other factions are just other faces of this same system.  Sometimes opposiing, sometimes cooperative. The Chinese Dragon were always the ones behind the banking systems even prior to the Rothschilds becoming the Occidental face of the banking systems.

Banking, even in its "fiat forms" was based on a value, (this is the reason for the "infinite accounts" mentioned by Ferdinand Marcos and Swissindo, the value is that of the original depositories, human beings, which was monetized through the birth certificate straw man, various other bonds such as court bonds, prison bonds, etc and kept at the secondary depositories called Central banks, undisclosed to those they monetized (and never paid a bit of interest too).  Its a form of enslavement of current and subsequent generations abstracted by paper, derivatives, stocks, or gold.  The underlying value has always been human beings.

24:00 The international alliance was strongly activated after 9/11. It was an occult act done for a specific reason.  To bring in the Patriot Act..  The cabal controls the press, movies, news, print media. The alliance works behind the scenes to bring down the corrupt cabal.

Terran: References to the Cabal, are actually a group of Orion/Draco hybrids, carrying extreme genetic trauma after Orion civilization fell to the Draco empire. They were brought into the Earth sphere into Eastern Europe and the Middle East, particularly during the period Jewish exile in Babylon.   I think this perjorative term "Cabal" needs to be abandoned because of its linkage to the esoterics beliefs from the Kabbalah practiced by some in this group.  Its also slightly anti-semitic.  They are not always of Jewish beliefs, many are atheistic, Muslim, or even ostensibly "Christian".   Whatever cover works.

There is no actual separation in banking between the Orion Dracos and the Chinese Dragons/Dracos.  Its all the same banking system.  Any separation is only in the storylines trotted out to new age sources.   Outward appearances of these beings are different and that is by design to compensate for the xenophobic tendencies of Europe.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Elephant in the Room - LOVE - Its all Changing on Earth

By American Kabuki

I received some data earlier in the week regarding the choices of some of the Earth "controllers", from Loie, galactics and another source. The choice they made kind of stunned me. One would presume even the most difficult ones would act in their best interests, yet they did not.  Its not often I am surprised but I felt that way this week. They have been removed from the planet and archived in Source.  They won't be back here. Ever.  

All that brought up an interesting emotion in me, not exactly sadness, but close, more a "it didn't have to go that way".   They say the world's sociopaths have an inability to see themselves in the "other", for me I have the opposite issue, I feel, and sometimes see it all.  Before i awakened I even had to shut down feeling for a time to just survive the negativity of this planet until it was time to do what I came here to do... (many of you may have had to do that too to survive)  The sense of feeling has expanded greatly since late 2012.  So I had one of these rare weeks awash in various emotions, and unable to cogently write anything of value for I was not even sure what it was I was feeling.

I don't know who these particulars are, I don't know the identities or the numbers or the locations.  It doesn't really matter.  They made a choice and Source itself honored it. You can think of them as the hands in the back of the political sock puppets you see in public. The powers behind the scenes that whisper into the frontmen's ears and who bankroll the daily chaos on the world scene for profit and mostly for the sure lust of power and domination.

There was another possible outcome where these ones could leave themselves a positive legacy at the end.   I am not sure if they just despise humanity to such a degree that they'd rather burn it all down than give up power back to humanity, or if they believe, like some do in RA's "Law of One" that if they be "service to self" as much as possible they somehow "ascend" to the next level through some kind of algorithmic percentage view of a path through the universe to whatever they consider "the next level" in "the spiritual hierarchy".  What it earned these once was removal from this planet and existence for now... and the foreseable future.  They came from Source and have been returned to Source.  They are no longer here.  It is complete.  

Its not a far extrapolation to see what happens next, with these key ones gone, total collapse of the slavery systems which have posing as zero-sum game of markets of free enterprise.   My first thought was, what should I say?  If anything?  And then there's the inevitable questions people have is "how do I preserve my wealth". First off, I am not a financial advisor. So don't even ask me! Secondly, the question about wealth indicates you don't yet fully understand how this planet has been enslaved. 

This system exists to create elites and poverty. It is truly rigged. It is the very engine of enslavement!  Every single betrayal of humanity by another human has been rationalized as a  need "to pay the mortgage". A mortgage that has been created by fraud on the value deposited by Source in the Original Depositories, you and me!  And all this dressed up in a drag queen dress of a "meritocracy" to "decide the direction humanity takes" over bits of papers and 1s and 0s in bank computers. 

We are moving to an entirely different paradigm where we recognize wealth as being each human, Source in body, prepaid, and pre-deposited.   in an abundant universe there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to live in poverty and want.   

Do I know exactly how this transition unfolds?  I do not.  Its never been done before and involves timing of events and physics and positioning of beings so complex no single being in this universe could ever comprehend the complexity on their own.   I have learned that is is all LOVE.  I have learned to respect the flow and do my best to be in harmony with it, even when it meant months or years of delay in what I would like to experience personally.  Its not about my personal experiences but rather that nobody gets left behind and all get to experience what they should be experiencing, true freedom and pure love for the first time.  All that is done in pure love is not bound by any limitation.

Loie advised me to show love to all who may waver in the coming weeks as some may falter.  "Sigh... can't we just fast forward through this experience what comes next? "  I had a moment where I really thought "WHAT NEXT?" I have seen some pretty astounding behaviors and chicanery in the last 4 years by those who want to keep things as they are and their agents.  I so want this OVER! Oh Loie has so much patience when she works with me!   

I will send pure love to those around me. I know I will know that whatever is needed will be perfect for each occasion. I ask that you all do the same as well, you will be faced with those who have newly awaken and and completely lost as to explain what they see happening around them.  The systems will go down. There will NOT be a world war. There might be a good bit of confusion multiplied by the news media!  

Most of us have already lost everything we have, you likely wouldn't be reading this blog had you not been through that with the banks, medical profession, or the legal systems.  So most of us have no stake in the markets.  Perhaps for at least a decade.  If I had to write out how I survived the last 3 years, it probably wouldn't even pencil out.  Yet some how I get enough to eat, pay a cellphone bill and and the electricity.  It works out.

I know the Galactics have cargo holds full of tech that will take care of every need.  They have been waylaid for a bit as these realms unite into the UNIDYNAMIC frequencies adjusting and changing and new frequencies introduced that most have never experienced.   All these perceptions of separation within known as dimensions and realms fade away as the choice of separation now completed in its expression and experience, never to be done again.  

The Galactics have been cut off from news on the Earth Sphere via their technologies for a number of weeks, they do however get news from those they are in contact with here.  All their tech was built on transdimensional metals such as titanium and rare earths.  And since those "dimensions" are all merging... things went a bit wonky in the tech department, at least until the frequencies settle down.

Something has changed in the past week.  On those screens that they observed the Earth with,  are bubbles.  They are not exactly sure what causes the bubbles, but they are very much like champagne bubbles.  One physicist I talked to on the Reliance Sphere likened it this way: 

Terran: Can you explain to me what the bubbles are on the Screens of the Sphere Alliance? Frequency nodules?  


Terran: You do have fun with all the changes! lol  


Terran: There was once a headache remedy advertisement "pop pop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is!" ūüėÉ 


Terran: That's funny! 


I have been a bit distracted from the blog for a few days.  There was also a death of a friend's mother, which was expected, she had been overdosed in an incident of negligence by medical staff on the blood thinner Coumadin a few years ago, causing a kind of stroke, and has been in a nursing home ever since.

I accompanied them to the nursing home to collect her belongings, and something about the layout and smell of nursing homes, the institutional feel of it all, brings back some memories of a hospitalization in 2009 I'd rather not remember.  I started sweating... I found myself needing to go outside after only about 15 minutes.   The sight of a thin frail dead women didn't help either, images of mummies in Egypt or ancient druids retrieved some Northern European peat bog centuries after their demise came to mind.  My friend took it all better than I did honestly.

I had thoughts of the nature of the temporariness of this existence.  We are not these bodies, they are just vehicles for a time.  All that all we have in belongings can be reduced down to a few plastic bags at the end of it all.

Rich, poor, black, white, Mexican they all end up in the same nursing home regardless of their perceived separations, prejudices and disagreements they may have had before going there.

There is no dignity in nursing homes. And precious little joy.

Its been a week of transitions it seems.   Change is everywhere, and the old starseeds are heading home.

The only thing I can predict is pervasiveness of love, and the huge number of beings who are here NOW to assist this planet.  That is the real elephant in the room, LOVE. Anyone who can tell you what exactly will happen next, is mistaken.  This has never been done before and much of it is being created on the fly as needed.  There is no template for this moment.

Thank you for your patience with this blog this week.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Need for January

I need about $500 for the month of January, if you can help out please use the PayPal button on the left.  Many thanks to all of you who helped out in December!   Google ads are getting next to nothing in what they pay these days I am may remove them entirely soon.  I am not too thrilled at enriching Google anymore with very little sharing of the revenue.

I had one guy who wanted to send a donation via Bitcoin in December, for those who are Bitcoin afficiandos,  if you go to the tab at the top of the page, the BITCOIN address for donations is in there. I think I have only ever had two of those since 2012.

Much is going to happen very rapidly now.  May be a bit of a quick white water ride for a bit.  The controllers have made their choice, answering that age old question of Shakespeare... TO BE OR NOT TO BE...  Didn't have to go that way.  But we are all so ready for better times and more joyful circumstances!

Galactics are seeing "BUBBLES" form between the realms between them and us, indicating their isolation may be about to end.  MUCH IS CHANGING.

Max Keiser Interviews Adam Curry

Antarctica Video

Some interesting data on Antarctica.  Use discernment... as to some details...

GAIA PORTAL: Preludes have finished

Preludes have finished
by √ČirePort

Preludes have finished.

Marshalls are released.

Statics are removed.

Gaia flows enrich the New Earth.

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